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You can download the latest version of Sideralis directly from your mobile by going (from your mobile browser) to this page: http://sideralis.free.fr/wap[/index.html]. This page can be used also to get the .jad files.

The latest official release can be found here.

Beta release

None for now.

Official releases

Please support development by a donation but if and only if:
- You like Sideralis
- You have some money left
- And more important you have already given to a worthy cause (humanitarian or nature conservation)

Latest version:
v2.0.0 b630:
Released on 10th of Mar 10:
- Almost fully rewritten code to improve performance and stability, and prepare for future functionalities
- Added stars, constellations and names of stars
- Support for touch screen
- Added Uranus and Neptune
- Improved precision for Saturn and Jupiter
- Added effect of atmosphere in calculation
- Only for mobile supporting 3D API: possiblity to zoom and scroll in all direction in horizontal view.
- Reorganized help. Now press '#' to get a virtual keypad explaining the function of each keys
- Bugs known:
--On some SonyEricsson mobiles, direction of view is not correctly displayed
--Does not start on some mobiles (some Motorola, Blackberry, on Nokia and SE it should start)

Released 21st of June 09
- Improved graphic performances
- Bug correction compare to previous version (Help text was displayed too fast after entering any menu, Sideral time was not correct, was not starting anymore after modification of display magnitude threshold)
- Add magnitude and distance information for Messier objects
- Support for landscape and portrait displays (up to now only portrait displays were supported)
- Add search function.
- Create 2 shortcuts for home position (custom position)
- Support for German and Polish languages
- Parameters are save after modification and not only anymore when pressing exit menu.
- Add more stars (1025 compare to ~800)
- Correct some calculation imprecision for sun, moon and planets.
- Add ascendance and declinaison values for sun, moon and planets.
- Number shown as degree minute second or hour minute second are also now displayed as real number (11.234h for ex)
- Auto location for mobile supporting it.
- [Really basic support for touch screen. Full support postponed for next versions]

Released 28th of March 09:
- Add messier objects
- Possibility to see only stars up to a given magnitude
- Localized version: English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
- New key shortcut *: to modify display settings or to display debug information on objects (press the key when cursor is not enabled or when cursor is enabled)
- Improved precision for calculation
- Azimuth and height displayed in small object data window are now updated in real time (if you want more info press *)
- Add one more city :)

Released 7th of April 08:
- Correct the Nokia S60 bug (thanks Sourav).

Released 2nd of December 07:
- New feature: night vision or red vision (go to display option to activate it: last option)
- **Known bug**: With some Nokia phones this version does not start properly (it crashes after the wait message). Please use v1.0.0 instead.

Released 22nd of September 07:
- Bug correction: Should avoid a white bar at the bottom of the screen on most phones
- Bug correction: better time accuracy, there could be a small drift in some case in previous version.

Released 7th of April 07:
- Official release - End of test.
- Improve help information
- Bigger background image removing the horizontal deformation
- Reduce size of jar.

Old releases

Released 31st of March 07:
- Bug correction: The position of objects was wrong by a few degrees at the end of each day. Now solved.

Released 18th of March 07:
- Bug correction (now, can accept call without restarting the application, ...)
- Add and remove some features in display options
- Increase (lightly) performances.
- Increase reactivity after setting a new time or a new position.

Released 10th of March 07:
- Display now all names of constellation (English, usual and French)
- Constellation drawings is slowly blinking enabling easier recognition.

Released 1st of March 07:
- Add an horizontal view (there was only a zenith view before)
- Add some more constellations and 30% more stars
- Add a dictionary and info menu
- Add possibility to shift left and right in zenith view (before only up and down)
- Improve start time
- Information on stars is now displayed in a floating window.
- Start by default in simplified view (should improve speed and decrease probability of bug on older phones)

Released end of January 07:
- Add sun position.
- Add main planets positions (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn).
- Change interface when displaying information on objects.
- Add some more constellations.
- Reduce size of jar by better compression of png files.

Released in January 07:
- Bug correction
-- The moon was not displayed at the right position
- Add possibility to change date and time.
- Improve cosmetics...

Released in December 06:
- Bug correction
-- Stars are now correctly displayed wherever you are.
-- Name of stars is also correctly displayed.
- Add moon

Released in November 06:
- Add one more constellation
- Save parameters when exiting and load them when launching
- Bugs correction:
-- Spelling correction and update in help.
-- Re center sky when zooming in and out.
-- Cursor could not be moved anymore when constellations were no more displayed

Released in November 06
Added more constellations, added information on constellations. Changed intro screen. Corrected the arrow key bug. Save and load position data when exiting and launching the midlet.
Known bugs: star position seems to be correct only when located in Paris. Other positions may lead to incorrect display of stars.

Released in October 06.
First release version. Includes more than 500 stars and 12 constellations. No planet calculation. Possibility to get information on stars.


Source files can be found here http://code.google.com/p/sideralis2/