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Sideralis is a small and free midlet application which displays a map of the stars on your mobile phone. In other words a sky chart for mobile phones.

This is an equivalent to Stellarium or KStar but on your mobile phone.

Theorically it should work on all mobiles supporting MIDP2.0 and CLDC1.1. Practically, it depends on the brands. It works fine on Nokia phones, quite good on SonyEricsson, on Samsung and Motorola, it depends on the phone and does not seem to work on blackberry. You will have to try to know if it works :)


News: Mar 10th 2010: v2.0.0 b630 released.



  • A lot of different objects:
    • More than 1600 stars.
    • More than 100 Messier objects
    • Constellations drawing
    • 7 planets: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptun.
    • Sun and Moon.
  • 2 different views :
    • 3D Horizontal view.
    • Zenith view.
  • Information on all objects:
    • Name.
    • Magnitude
    • Distance
    • Azimuth
    • Right Ascension
    • Declinaison
    • Height
  • Current time or any time can be chosen.
  • Selection of location by:
    • Entering latitude and longitude
    • Selecting a city among more than 80 cities
    • Selection on a globe
    • GPS (for mobile supporting it)
  • Small dictionary available giving some interesting information about universe and constellations
  • Miscelleanous:
    • Search function
    • Night view
    • History of constellations
    • Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Polish languages